Jeff Collins

VP Sales Oura Ring
John was our "go-to guy" when developing new projects when I was VP of Development at Polar USA. His understanding of web architecture and UI design is outstanding.

Tom Hughes

Senior BizStream Advisor -
Working with John over the past few years has been a joy because of his total understanding of software development, budgeting, team dynamics and problem solving. He fully understands the points of view of the clients, developers, designers and project managers making the entire development process a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Ivan Calhoun

Nike Operations Manager at Atos -
At TriCore John successful implemented our Sharepoint 2010 Intranet as well as our new CMS Corporate Website & Mobile Site. He led the development and design team, selected the vendors and software platforms. Very talented individual.



Shirley Arellano

Director, Clinical Applications at Tricore -
On first arrival at Tricore John quickly grasped the complexities of our clinical laboratories hardware and software infrastructure which allowed him to make solid business decision when developing our intranet and corporate website. He is a great team player!



Brian McKeiver

BizStream Partner & Senior Developer
John's years of experience in web development brings a calmness to the development process. This is a uniting factor that helps the development team push through difficult times. His positive attitude keeps the team energize.